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    (PRESS) BewhY The Movie Star 2020 Tour | Houston

    On January 28th BewhY brought the movie magic to Houston for his The Movie Star 2020 Tour. The day started with fans from all walks of life standing in line at the White Oak Music Hall. At the venue, we asked a few fans when they started listening to BewhY’s music. A lot of them […]

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    KPop Together 2019 Just became our favorite Kpop festival!

    Kpop together was a breath of fresh air to southern kpop fans. The music, the food, culture, and excitement! It was amazing! With tons of mini kpop events and concerts growing in size every year, the coming of a kpop festival in the south was inevitable. This event has been a long time coming because […]

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    Artist I predict will perform at KCON 2019!

    KCON is a great place for kpop fans to come together and enjoy the thing they love most which is, KPOP! In this list I’ll be counting down my predictions of artist I think may make an appearance at KCON this year. Be in mind that mnet doesn’t have the best relationship with YG Ent […]

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    Roy Kim makes apology to fans at police questioning

    On April 10th Singer-songwriter Roy Kim, arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office, for questioning about his involvement in the chat room scandal involving Jung Joon Young and many other idols.  Before entering the building he made a statement to the press saying… “First and foremost, I apologize to my fans and family who cherished […]

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    Is Z boys and Z girls a rip-off of Now United ?

    So I’ve seen this new kpop group pop up recently called Z-Boys and Z-Girls. When I first watched their videos I was like “Wow! This is amazing!” but after I did a bit more research their concept started to sound a bit familiar. It sounded exactly like The self-proclaimed Global Pop group Now United. Like […]

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    NCT 127 is having a North American tour!

    SubKulture Entertainment is at it again! On February 26th, The promotion company and SM ENTERTAINMENT announced that kpop group NCT 127, will be having a nine city 🌃 tour in the US in APRIL-MAY ! The stops will include.. 2019.04.24 NEW JERSEY 2019.04.26 ATLANTA 2019.04.28 MIAMI 2019.05.01 DALLAS 2019.05.03 PHOENIX 2019.05.05 HOUSTON 2019.05.07 CHICAGO 2019.05.09-10 SAN JOSE 2019.05.12 LOS ANGELES 2019.05.17 VANCOUVER 2019.05.19 TORONTO The tour will be called “NCT […]

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    KNK is having a North American Tour!

    Seoul, South Korea (December 21st, 2018) – KNK, the South Korean boy band famous for hits like “Rain”, “KNOCK” and “BACK AGAIN” is heading to the United States for a 4-cities tour during February and March of 2019. KNK Lonely Night Tour in USA was made possible thanks to the overwhelming demand on fan-initiated concert […]

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