LEE SUHYUN Blast Through Space In Alien MV Teaser

On Oct 13th LEE SUHYUN released a teaser for her highly anticipated solo debut “Alien.” In the snippet, we see Lee Suhyun traveling around in space, fighting an unknown person. From the looks of the teaser, the MV will be bright and colorful, followed by dynamic animation, which is very reminiscent of Daft Punk – One More Time or Luna’s Free Somebody. The song has a mystical retro pop sound, which has been very popular with YG artists this year. 

Along with this MV teaser, it was revealed that LEE CHAN HYUK of AKMU (and her brother) took part in writing and composing “Alien.”

Alien is set to release on October 16 at 6 PM

Oct 12, 2020

Oct 11, 2020

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