TAEMIN’s Long Awaited Solo Comeback

Taemin might be going for a deep, darker concept in this latest comeback. 

On July 27th, Taemin revealed the first of many following teasers to his third album, “Never Gonna Dance Again”. The ominous-looking poster shows that the album will be released in something like three parts. The single will be the first to release with two parts of the album released later. 

  1. Single: “2 Kids – Never Gonna Dance Again: Prologue”
  2. Third Album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act One”
  3. Third Album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act Two”

On August 3rd, Taemin revealed a teaser to the upcoming music video for his single “2 KIDS”. This teaser shows an alternate side of Taemin that we have yet to see. Based on the look of the teaser, there might be strong messages that Taemin wishes to talk about in his upcoming album; messages that might talk about the gloomier part of life. 

The music video for “2 KIDS” is set to release on August 4 at 6 P.M. SM Entertainment says that this single is an “..electro-pop song..” that talks about something like a sad goodbye from a child’s point of view. 

With the introduction of soft vocals and harmonious sounds, this music video is sure to be something that everyone can either find comfort with or deeply understand in some sort of way. 

“2 KIDS” will be released on both Youtube and NAVER SMTown platforms!

Taemin also plans to meet with fans to promote his single “2 KIDS”. According to SM Entertainment, he will create a live broadcast under the name “TAEMIN’s ‘2 KIDS’ on the block” on Naver V LIVE SM TOWN at 7 P.M on the 4th of August. 

Are you guys excited about Taemin’s comeback? What do you think this new album or single will be about?

Check out the teaser for the “2 KIDS” below!

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