Why Cell phones are slowly ruining the Kpop concert experience.

Why Cell phones are slowly ruining the Kpop concert experience.

As we all know this is a generation of the digital age. The human race uses our cell phones for everything. We love capturing moments that we’ll never forget. But, when does it become too much? After attending a wide variety of Kpop shows I’ve noticed that we all have one thing in common.

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The camera phone syndrome. Whenever our fave looks out to the crowd to see their fans the artist is met with a ton of Androids and iPhones stuck in their face. An example of this would be the Kard Fanmeet that took place in Houston, Tx. Our very own Adia Shabazz who attended the show said

It was hard to enjoy the concert because everyone had their phones out, people were pushing me just to get a better shot of the group.”

Some western artist have even commented on the rising trend saying.

It’s extraordinarily irritating,” “All these people holding up these horrid little squares of bright light.”
–Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

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But what can we do to stop this you ask? Now you may not like it but hear me out. Recently comedians like Chris Rock and David Chappelle have taken action against the craze.

“those who attend Rock’s Sunday and Monday shows were required to lock their phones in special cases that keep the phone locked during the show. The show-goer could keep the devices with them and be able to use them in the lobby.”

Now, this would be a pretty convenient idea, but I’m not for having no cell phones at all. Here’s my proposal. I think instead of locking our phones up for the entire show, promotion companies could have a limit on how much you can film. Like having each person be able to record one or two songs.

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Now, this isn’t to say cell phones can’t enhance concerts too. At SXSW’s 2017 Kpop Night Out the act, MFBTY had fans take out their phones and light up the entire venue, which made for an awesome light show. Overall concerts are meant to be a once in a lifetime experience. shared with the artist and their fans, do you really want to spend half of it looking through a screen?

Do you still hate me after my long spill? Tell me what you think in comments below.






Sources: Mic & PopmattersOrlando Sentinel

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Written by CEO/Sarah Britton

She’s been a kpop fan for over 11 years now, and hates long walks on the beach and romantic movies lol.


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