Artist I predict will perform at KCON 2019!

KCON is a great place for kpop fans to come together and enjoy the thing they love most which is, KPOP!

In this list I’ll be counting down my predictions of artist I think may make an appearance at KCON this year. Be in mind that mnet doesn’t have the best relationship with YG Ent or SMTown, therefore you likely won’t be seeing their artist at the convention this year.  



Lots of JYP artist

Since YG and SM are boycotting Mnet. JYP Entertainment has become the company’s favorite music label. You’ll likely see groups and artist such as GOT7, Yubin, and rookie group Itzy make an appearance this year. I excluded TWICE because they’re set to have a north american tour in the summer .


Like many of the groups listed here. EverGlow is affiliated with Stone Music Ent, which is owned by CJ E&M. CJ E&M also owns the media outlet Koreaboo, who actually created KCON. So naturally CJ E&M will showcase its own or affiliated artist the most.

Sam Kim

The Boyz




The Rose


Cherry Bullet





Well that’s the end of another list. Be sure to follow us on of all our social media sites. And to learn who actually will be preforming at KCON watch the Season 7 Live Chat kick off on Facebook @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT April 11th.