CHUNG HA X Christopher Collab with Song “Bad Boy”

On September 23, Danish singer, Christopher collaborated with CHUNG HA for the song “Bad Boy.”

According to Spotify, Christopher is a multi-platinum selling artist with more than a billion streams. Not only is Christopher one of the most popular artists in Denmark, but he has also made a name for himself outside his home. In Europe, he has hit various top20 milestones as well as receiving #1 achievements in Asia.

The track “Bad Boy” talks about a relationship that never seemed to work out. Both sides seemed they always wanted something more than what was there and were stuck in that fantasy. But as soon as they realized that the person didn’t fit their image, they left the other person.

Most of the song gives the perspective of the one person in the relationship talking about how they will change to the “bad boy”, the other has always wanted. They will become the “bad boy” just so we can be “us” again.

The lyrics were an obvious hit and the tempo of the song added to the flavor of the music. The upbeat yet slow pace of the song gives such a nice mesh of sounds together making it feel as if I was on a picnic out by the lake. Although the sad seems song, depending on the way we look at it, it almost seems as if the song is made for the person to feel stronger. To help them get over a bad relationship.

CHUNG HA, previously part of girl group I.O.I until she started promoting as a solo artist, has participated in many collaborations. This talented artist has branched out her career and has experimented with so many styles which proves how accomplished CHUNG HA truly is. She has previously worked with Paul Kim, PH-1, Rich Brian, etc.

If you haven’t already, check out this collaboration with Christopher.