Dreamcatcher To Hold Two-Night Online Concert

On March 4th, MyMusicTaste announced that DREAMCATCHER will be having a third online concert [DREAMCATCHER CONCERT CROSSROADS] which will be a two-night event on March 26 and March 27 at 10 pm KST.

This is yet another feat for the group after having two successful comebacks with BOCA released in late 2020 and their recent release Odd Eye. Not to mention completing their first and second online concerts back in 2020.

According to MyMusicTaste…

With their most recent online showcase and previous successful online concerts that brought in over 13,000 viewers per show, Dreamcatcher is ready to meet their fans, InSomnia [official Fanclub name] again for their third online concert.

Dreamcatcher’s third online concert will be split into two nights. The first night of the show, March 26, is ‘Part 1. Utopia’ – showcasing their angelic voices in an acoustic setting. The following night, March 27, is ‘Part 2. Dystopia’ -is the flip side of their story that highlights a rock-n-roll theme. Each night of the concert will show a different side of Dreamcatcher in their journey to close the Dystopiatrilogy together with their fans. The title of the concert,[CROSSROADS], emphasizes the final place the group stands at the end of the storyline oftheirDystopiatrilogy as they searched for their utopia in a neverending Dystopia.


March 26, 2021, 10:00PM KST – MyMusicTaste

Ticket information: https://mmt.fans/MjNU

Dreamcatcher [DREAMCATCHER CONCERT CROSSROADS: Part 2. Dystopia]

March 27, 2021, 10:00PM KST – MyMusicTaste

Ticket information: https://mmt.fans/Mj7A

If you haven’t already check out Dreamcater’s latest release “Odd Eye.”

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Established in 2008, DREAMCATCHER COMPANY is a South Korean record label and entertainment agency
founded by the prominent production duo E-tribe. Since the debut of its first artist Nassun, the company has grown in size over the years, producing artists and idol groups under its own name. V.O.S, Dalshabet, and DREAMCATCHER are the major artists that are currently associated with the label. Recently, the company also launched subsidiary labels HF Music Company, Dreamcatcher Company, and D1CE Entertainment and is garnering much attention and recognition from the public as the rising creator of future K-pop artists.