DREAMCATCHERS Create Insomniacs With Online Concert

DREAMCATCHER kicked off July with their first online concert. DREAMCATCHER first online concert was held by MyMusicTaste, a platform that originally allowed for fans to request concerts in their cities. Using MyMusticTaste’s new online streaming feature, DREAMCATCHER made sure to stay connected with their fans through the chat function. DREAMCATCHER responded to the many different questions and requests in real-time and had a speaking interpreter available so that both Korean and international fans could enjoy it.

The concert itself included a setlist of 18 encaptivating performances and special clips. DREAMCATCHER excited their fans by starting the concert with their newest song “SCREAM”. The girls also performed other beloved songs such as, “You and I”, “PIRI”, “Deja Vu”, “Red Sun”, “SAHARA”, and “Black and White”. DREAMCATCHER also surprised their fans with exclusive solo performances and a special unit. Perhaps the best part of the online concert, for both fans and DREAMCATCHER alike, was a special message from Handong. Handong was not able to be there due to her activities in China but showed her support to both her members and fans with her sweet message. The members made a touching promise to their fans and each other to come back with a new show including all seven members.

DREAMCATCHERS succeeded in pleasing their fans and positive comments have been flooding social media. For those who missed the live stream or want to be able to experience a little deja vu, the VOD is available for purchase at http:// https://mmt.fans/iaTR

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