Female Idols/Groups That Should Be on MNET’s QUEENDOM

It was recently made public that Queendom producers met up with the girl groups ITZY, Brave Girls, Kep1er, and VIVIZ, hoping to have them be a part of the show. However, when the general public discovered this, they were shocked and confused because many believed these artists didn’t fit the Queendom theme.

ITZY’s fandom (MIDZY) even made the hashtag “NOtoITZYonQueendom” trend worldwide. Like most of the internet, we’re also shocked at the alleged lineup. So in response, we made a list of female groups and artists we think should participate in MNET’s Queendom!



Fromis_9 is a fairly popular group. However, If they participated in Queendom, it would give them a chance to experiment with their sound and try out different concepts without changing their image completely, through a comeback.


I want to see Momoland on Queendom so badly! They have so much hidden talent. If they were to participate in a show like Queendom, it could reveal their true potential to the world and take them to the next level.


I don’t have much to say about TRI.BE, only that if they were on Queendom, they’d likely walk away as the winners.


Dreamcatcher is a multi-dimensional group that could easily crush any concept given to them. It’s shocking that Dreamcatcher wasn’t approached about joining the show because they would thrive tremendously on it.


AleXa is an all-rounder kpop artist who could definitely benefit from being on Queendom. I feel like we’ve only seen one side of her as a performer. And being on the Queendom stage could showcase her full abilities as an artist.


I know, I know, they’re on a show already. However, I believe the spirit of Queendom is about having seasoned, and midtier artists go against each other to create memorable tv moments. And M.M.D. would give every competitor a run for their money.

G.O.T. the beat

I know, I know this one is a bit unfair. But I just want to see MAMADOL and G.O.T. the beat compete against each other. Not to mention O.G. kpop fans will get to relive their SNSD vs Wonder Girls days, lol.

 Who do you think should be on Queendom?


Sarah is the founder and content manager of TokkiStar. She has been a K-pop fan since the age of 13 but began as a J-pop fan at 11. Some of her favorite groups include SHINee, Wonder Girls, Red Velvet, SVT, WJSN, NCT, Day6, The Rose, and SNSD. She is currently anticipating the day Pristin reunites.