Houston Shawols and kpop fans from all around the world, celebrate the life of Kim Jonghyun

I was hesitant about writing this article because the whole ordeal has been pretty hard for me to come to terms with. I still can’t believe he’s gone?

International Shawols and kpop fans from across the globe come together to celebrate the late Kim Jonghyun. After the death of SHINee’s Jonghyun was confirmed on December 19, 2017, fans from all across the world sprang into action to commemorate his memory. The first thing they did is start a petition for Entertainment agencies and other work environments in Korea to have a mental health program for their employees. The petition has well over 300,000 thousand signatures and will surely get more! (Link for petition HERE) Fans also came together to have candle-lit vigils for the singer to say their final goodbyes.

Here’s a little be about our experience at the Houston vigil.

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Our Experience:

On Wednesday evening, a crowd of fans gathered at the Discovery Green Houston Park to celebrate Jonghyun’s life. The night started out with fans dancing along to SHINee & Jjong’s music. In the center of the park a makeshift memorial was set up, so fans could put up their light sticks, pictures, candles, and flowers.

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During the event, Shawols swapped stories about how SHINee helped them overcome issues in their own lives, like how some said their music helped them get over their own depression. As the night went on, black and blue handmade ribbons were passed around for fans to put on their clothes. I personally thought that was really beautiful.

(Sarah’s Pov) I feel as though going to this vigil helped me find just a bit of peace with this whole ordeal. As a shawol myself it was personally hard for me to cope with Jonghyun’s death. I spent years being a SHINee fan. Loving their music, buying merch, going to their concerts. It was an amazing time in my life and I’ll never forget it. If there’s a vigil for Jonghyun happening in your city I recommend you go to one or have one of your own, because it really does help.

Not only were there candle-lit vigils in Houston but all over the world!

Here are a few photos from the many Jonghyun vigils.

Written by: Sarah & Adia


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