[ INTERVIEW ] Mimiirose And Their “Awesome” Debut

Mimiirose is a five-member girl group under YES IM Entertainment consisting of Choi Yeonjae, Inn Hyori, Han Yewon, Yoon Jia and Seo Yoonju. They debuted September 16, 2022, with their first single album “Awesome”. 

Tokkistar had the opportunity to speak with Mimiirose and to get to know each member better. 

Hello Mimiirose, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, and congratulations on your debut!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what has been your favorite hobby lately?

CHOI YEONJAE: Hello, I’m Choi Yeonjae, the leader and main dancer of mimiirose. My hobbies are writing a wish list and shopping.

INN HYORI: Hello, I’m Inn Hyori, the lead vocalist of mimiirose. I write a lot lately. I like literature, so I look for it often and try to write even a short article whenever I have time.

HAN YEWON: Hello, I’m Han Yewon, the main vocalist of mimiirose. My hobby is listening to music.

YOON JIA: Hello, I’m Yoon Jia, the main rapper, and all-rounder of mimiirose. My hobby is watching a live music stage! I monitor seniors’ performances every day. It helps me a lot because I can find my weaknesses and improvement.  

SEO YOONJU: Hello, I’m Seo Yoonju, the youngest and visual member of mimiirose. My hobby is listening to music. Also, I make my own playlist, too! I’ll share it with my fans when I am ready.

What are your favorite songs from your latest release “Awesome”?

INN HYORI: “Kill me more” is the best. I am so excited when I listen to this song. When I listen to our songs, I always find exciting songs, so I listen to “Kill Me More” the most among our songs.

CHOI YEONJAE: My favorite is “Kill Me More” There’s a part in the lyrics that goes, “Come along!” The moment you hear this part, the energy goes up automatically.

HAN YEWON: “Kill Me More” is my favorite song. Because, I like the chorus of this song so much that I listen to it often.

YOON JIA: It’s “Lululu”. It’s the song we’ve been together for the longest time and I’m really happy to debut with the song. I thought it was good right after I heard it from the beginning. I have been doing it for a long time, I still keep listening to it everyday.

SEO YOONJU– It’s “Lululu”. As soon as I hear “Lululu” for the first time, I loved it because the beat and melody were so perfect.

Describe each song in “Awesome with one word each.

CHOI YEONJAE: Rose – composition, Lululu – Spinning, Kill Me More – excitement

INN HYORI: Rose – flower garden, Lululu – Youth, Kill Me More – excitement

HAN YEWON: Rose – An unknown world, Lululu – Warrior, Kill Me More – Powerful

YOON JIA: Rose – colorful, Lululu – identity, Kill Me More – now

SEO YOONJU: Rose – Rose, Lululu – Drive, Kill Me More – Love

What concepts are you excited about or looking forward to trying in future releases?

INN HYORI: I personally want to try a fascinating Latin sound song. I really like the brass sound and it’s hard for me to imagine how we look in Latin songs, so I want to try it.

CHOI YEONJAE: I really want to try a dreamy concept. I think it’s a little early for us. I think it will go well with mimiirose after a while

HAN YEWON: I want to try various concepts, but the concept I want to try the most is a girl crush concept.

YOON JIA: I want to try a fascinating but strong concept with a Latin genre.
SEO YOONJU– I want to try a chic, moody, and cool genre. I think it suits mimiirose very well.

What inspires you when you feel unmotivated or overwhelmed?

CHOI YEONJAE: Family, grandmother, mother’s nag, hardworking staff

INN HYORI: A letter from the fans inspires me a lot. It really cheers me up when I’m having a hard time. So I tend to think a lot about how to fully convey my heart to the fans.

HAN YEWON:– With the support of the fans, I gain more strength when I am tired.  

YOON JIA: When I feel unmotivated, I look up videos and pictures of my trainee days. I burn my passion once again by thinking of my debut journey.

SEO YOONJU: I like listening to music. I feel comfortable and earn strength when I listen to drama OST and ballad pop songs.

What makes each member “Awesome?

CHOI YEONJAE: Hyori has a unique, strong, and wonderful voice, so she is awesome! I think her strengths fill up the mimiirose in a variety of ways.

INN HYORI: Yewon sings really well. She is not just good at singing, she has her own unique personality and has a fascinating charm when she sings. So, I think she’s awesome every time when I listen to her songs.

HAN YEWON: I think Jia’s unexpected charm makes Jia look awesome. She’s full of charisma on stage, but she becomes a cute little kid off stage.

YOON JIA: Yoonju has a charm that draws attention when she’s on stage. I don’t think It can get this just by practicing, but Yoonju has it, “born to be an idol!”

SEO YOONJU: I think that’s Yeonjae’s strong leadership! There’s nothing to fear with her.

Do you have any hidden talents you would like to share with us?

CHOI YEONJAE: There’s a lot I haven’t shown yet. That’s why I want to say “everything”.

INN HYORI : I’m good at Rubik’s Cube. Of course 333, it takes a little time, but I can also do the 444 and 555 cube.

HAN YEWON: My hidden talent is pitch! Since I’m the main vocalist, I can show my singing skills to the fans the most. However, there are more pitch skills that I haven’t shown you. I’ll show you in the near future, so please look forward to it!

YOON JIA : My hidden talent is the vocal range. I’m working really hard to show you, so please look forward to it!

SEO YOONJU: I’m good at sports and art. I hope the day comes when I can show my talent in front of the fans.

Lastly, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

CHOI YEONJAE: We exist because of you. I will always try to be a humble and grateful artist. I love you and thank you so much!

INN HYORI: Mimiirose is working hard with the album “AWESOME”, so please show a lot of interest and look forward to our upcoming albums.

HAN YEWON : Mimiirose will continue to grow, even more, so please show a lot of interest and love!

YOON JIA:Hello, readers. I’m Yoon Jia of mimiirose! We’re going to show you a lot of different sides of us. Please look forward to it!

SEO YOONJU: Thank you so much for your interest and love to mimiirose. We will work hard to grow and develop into a group that is recognized by the public, so please look forward to it and show a lot of love!

If you havent already take a look at their MV for Rose and show your support for Mimiirose!