Is this Blackpink’s last comeback?

Earlier this month, our savage queens gave us a taste of the Pink Venom with their pre-release track. And now with the release of their new song “Shut Down” and album “Born Pink” Blinks and kpop fans alike wonder if the Blackpink machine will be shut down for good.

Upon the release of their Shut Down, MV fans spoke about the meaning behind it, and how some scenes reference past Blackpink videos. They speculate that Jennie and Lisa shutting the doors to their past selves means that Blackpink as a whole is moving on to bigger and better things as solo artists.

They also point out how Rosé pushes a button in the elevator that says “UP” and how it takes them away from a pink set with Blackpink branded posters to an all-white setting. Indicating that the girls are starting anew.

Some also believe this is why the girls are embarking on a world tour. This is so that Blinks can see Blackpink one last time before they go on an indefinite hiatus.

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As some might know YG Entertainment has a new girl group called Baby Monster. They’re speculated to make their debut in the beginning of 2023. This could be a reason why Blackpink may become inactive. However, it is all alleged and nothing is confirmed.