ITZY Releases Edgy Trap Inspired Track “Mafia In The Morning”

On April 29th ITZY made their long-awaited comeback with “마.피.아. In the morning.”

However, before the video release, the girls had a Showcase (ITZY “GUESS WHO” SHOWCASE) to introduce their new album to fans (MIDZY.)

In the program, the girls talked more about the concept and meaning behind their upcoming comeback. They also did a small breakdown of each track on the album.

Mafia In The Morning was written by J.Y. Park, Kass, danke, and LYRE, and has a strong trap sound matched with a pop flair. Personally, the MV and song left me wanting more. This comeback track seemed more like a pre-release.

Mafia In The Morning, is ITZY’s title track to the group’s EP entitled, “Guess Who.”

  1. Mafia In The Morning
  2. Kidding Me
  3. Sorry Not Sorry
  4. Wild Wild West
  5. Shoot!
  6. Tennis (8:8)



Check out 마.피.아. In the morning below!

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