ITZY Show Love To JYP & Sunmi’s ‘When We Disco’ MV

The JYP girl group did a reaction to JYP x Sunmi’s ‘When We Disco’ music video.

ITZY Introduced themselves in the beginning and noted how excited they were to watch the music video. The girls commented lots of appreciation to their CEO and Sunmi’s song. Lia brought up how the music video reminded her of the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ The visuals of the set and the two singers impressed the girls.

The group also mentioned how catchy and addicting the song is.

Watch ITZY’s reaction here:


And if you haven’t yet, watch JYP and Sunmi’s ‘When We Disco’ too!


Additionally, as ITZY made their comeback on August 17th, you can also check out their latest release, ‘Not Shy.’