KPop Together 2019 Just became our favorite Kpop festival!

Kpop together was a breath of fresh air to southern kpop fans. The music, the food, culture, and excitement! It was amazing! With tons of mini kpop events and concerts growing in size every year, the coming of a kpop festival in the south was inevitable. This event has been a long time coming because K-pop/Korean pop culture in the south has been thriving for the past 8 years. And even though it’s been thriving kpop conventions have been afraid to spread the love in our area. Thankfully, Kpop Together did.

The event was filled with tons of exciting things to do from concerts, fan meets, and even a dance competition. We came all the way from Houston just to experience it, and had a blast!

The main guest that drew a lot of the crowd was the kpop group Weki Meki! Their performance was highly anticipated and they did not disappoint.

Overall we had a ton of fun at Kpop Together’s Festival and hope to attend again next year!

We want to thank Kpop Together for having us as press at the festival this year, you guys are the real MVP!