MAMAMOO Brings the Best of Themselves in New Song “Wanna Be Myself”

MAMAMOO has done it again!

On September 10, MAMAMOO came back with a new bop titled “Wanna Be Myself”. This is their first single since February 2020 with the song “Shampoo”.

Everything about this new track is amazing! The vocals, like always, is top-notch talent. Everyone flows with each other so well like water. Each person emulates the voices of the other members giving a harmonious rhythm that is enchanting to hear. Their voices are so clear and mesmerizing as they effortlessly jump from one pitch to the next.

The addition of a violin, I thought, was genius. It gives a nice romantic and hypnotizing touch to the song. The semi-slow tempo and soft sounds give this song a perfect night drive vibe!

The track itself gives heavy “boss” vibes. As if this song is saying, I am who I am and I am the only person that can rule me. The song is powerful and is perfect to listen to on a girls-only meetup!

However, there is a catch, this song is only an AD! It’s not exactly a comeback per se but a song for a commercial! If MAMAMOO can create something so magnificent with just a commercial, their comeback must be explosively amazing!

In collaboration with ANDAR Korea (@andar_kr), MAMAMOO released a CF song. Take a look at MAMAMOO modeling the brand below!

MAMAMOO never disappoints with their music and this song was certainly an example of that!

If you haven’t already, listen to “WANNA BE MYSELF” below!