NCT U Performs “Make A Wish” on M COUNTDOWN

On October 16th NCT U debuted their new song “Make A Wish” on MNET “M COUNTDOWN.” The performances included members TAEYONG, DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, LUCAS, XIAOJUN, JAEMIN, and SHOTARO.

Make A Wish is the first single off NCT’s The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1, which exceeded 1.12 million pre-order sales before its release.

The next unit featuring members TAEIL, DOYOUNG, KUN, HAECHAN, YUTA, RENJUN, and CHENLE will release a music video for “From Home” on October 19th.

In addition, SM stated that NCT would start a Tiktok dance challenge for their new song.

NCT will also start a dance challenge of “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” through the video platform TicTok from the 13th, expressing the lyrics to see the wishes, collecting both hands, dancing to a light rhythm. Good reaction is obtained by highly addictive point choreography such as gorgeous steps.

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