It was crunk! (Yup i’m bringing back crunk! #DEATHOfLIT)

On June 29th Eric Nam wowed fans with his honesty tour stop in Houston.The day started with fans from all walks of life standing in line, at the legendary House Of Blues.

While in line we were shocked to see three levels of stairs packed with fans waiting for their chance to enter the venue. It was a great sight to see!  We asked a few fans how they started listening to Eric Nam’s music. Many of them mentioned they discovered the singer through the show “After School.” As the day moved forward we finally entered the venue. Inside was a very rustic and spacious environment, filled with vintage posters of past artists that also stood on that exact stage.

The first artist to grace the stage, was none other than the opening act Loote! They kept the crowd hype singing songs like Your Side Of The Bed, High Without Your Love, and many others.

During Loote’s set we learned the duo met in college, and that they originally started out their careers writing songs for other artists.

Loote’s music was very upbeat and fun which matched well with the tours overall atmosphere.

Moving along the man we’ve all been waiting for finally graced us with his presence. Eric Nam started his set with “Potion” which instantly got the crowd hyped and ready to enjoy their evening with him. He continued with songs like Don’t Call Me, Interview, and Good For You.

After that Eric took a break from singing to have a chat with the audience. During this chat he revealed most of his concerts can be seen as a TEDTalk because he tends to ramble a lot lol ? He also expressed how thankful he was to be touring in his own country, saying that he never thought it could happen because he never saw Asian people on TV as a kid.

After Eric’s mini TEDTalk was over. He sang a ton of his greatest hits like BODY, Honestly, and I’m Ok. We even got a chance to hear his new single “Float” he also brought Loote back out to sing their version Of “Your Side Of The Bed!

Overall Eric Nam had an amazing connection with the fans. I don’t know if it’s because he spoke in English or what. But in all the Kpop concerts I’ve been to, I’ve never seen someone connect to the audience quite like he did. He made the night one no one could ever forget.

Check out more photos below!!!

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