Red Velvet makes an Elegant Yet Disturbing Comeback with “Feel My Rhythm.”

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The queens in the red castle are back and better than ever! On March 21st, Red Velvet released their highly anticipated Mini Album ‘The ReVe Festival 2022’ with accompanying title track “Feel My Rhythm.” Feel My Rhythm is a dance-pop song that samples Johann Sebastian’s “Bach-Air on G String.” This added sample gives the record a delicate and elegant sound that blends well with the song’s strong trap beats and the vocal harmony of the RV members.

As for the MV, SM says this also pays homage to Bach-Air on G String and various famous paintings. However, in my opinion, the video has a slightly disturbing undertone. The disturbing part is the masked characters. They slightly remind me of the masked individuals in Squid Games.

Notably, the scene where the main guy pours himself a drink and plays classical music while watching the contestants die. Along with Red Velvets’ alluring vocals, classical music beat, and intriguing sideline characters, this mv matches the energy from that Squid Game scene.

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Mv aside, ‘The ReVe Festival 2022’ contains six new tracks, Feel My Rhythm,” “Rainbow Halo,” “Beg For Me,” “Bamboleo,” “Good, Bad, Ugly,” and “In My Dreams.” Each song has its own distinctive personality, showing off Red Velvet’s unique charm.

Check out Feel My Rhythm below!


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