RISABAE Testing New Waters With First Ever Single

Risabae, one of Korean YouTube’s renowned make-up artists, has just released her first Korean ballad single.

With the news of a single, fans were caught by surprise. They didn’t realize the talented artist has another hidden token under her belt!

Risabae is an outstanding make-up artist that is known for her variety of make-up looks. From looks that mimic singers and actresses to modern-day appearances, Risabae is known to effortlessly pull off each and every one.

On her YouTube channel, she goes step by step to help viewers. Risabae releases how-to videos, tutorials, go-to products, and everything else beauty related!

Check out her Instagram to view her latest creations as well as her YouTube for make-up tips!

Risabae X Go Mun Young from “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok”


Risabae X Jennie of “BlackPink”


With the skills of make-up already distinguished, Risabae has uncovered a new skill of hers. On August 25, Risabae released a ballad titled “내가 아는 그대” or “You I Know”. The heartfelt song that talks about a past love has awed and moved audiences. Risabae is truly a multi-talented gem of her own.

The mesmerizing song seems to be part of an early X-Mas project. We don’t know much about the details or ideas about the song itself, but we know Risabae will release information on that soon.

On the day the song was released, Risabae also released a behind-the-scenes view of the music-making process. Until the day of release, she put in her effort and strength to show her best side to her fans.

Take a look at the video below!

Listen to Risabae’s amazing voice for the ballad below!