Stray Kids Han Jisung In Hot Water For saying the N-Word and Other Slurs In Past Clip

On Feb 1st, an old music clip of Han Jisung rapping resurfaced. In this clip, the rapper said many derogatory phrases such as the N-Word, kkamdoongie, foreign laborer, and he joked about mental health.

His words…

Are you a kkamdoongie foreign laborer, you motherf*cking pig bird

kkamdoongie is a word used to degrade people with darker skin, and the term foreign laborer is a slur used against Southeast Asians. The N-word is a derogatory slur used to degrade black people/African Americans.

As soon as word got out about Han’s pre-debut clip, fans and POCs were shocked and hurt by his words.

The rapper later posted an apology to Instagram about the current situation.

Hello, this is Stray Kids HAN.

First, the lyrics I wrote around 2013 when I was 13 years old have caused great concern to fans and many others. Without any excuse, this is completely my fault. I sincerely apologize.

I wrote the inappropriate lyrics with only the single thought of wanting to rap during my irresponsible, younger days. I apologize for hurting so many people with the lyrics written without thinking enough.

Due to this incident, I was able to think deeply while reading comments that many had left, as well as the lyrics I wrote in the past.
The reason why I chose to become a singer was so I could express myself through music and connect with many people. Because of this, I feel greatly ashamed of myself for writing such lyrics in the past.
As I fully understand that such behavior cannot be excused simply because of young age, I will reflect upon my actions deeply.

I will always cherish the love and support sent by fans globally and will become someone who stands on stage with a righteous heart.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to all of those who I have scarred due to my past behavior.


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