Taeyang Returns to His Roots with EP “Down To Earth”

Kpop superstar Taeyang has made his much-anticipated comeback on April 25th with his new EP “Down To Earth” and two title tracks, “Shoong!” and “Seed.” Taeyang has described the project as a return to his roots and a reflection of who he is as an artist.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Taeyang opened up about the inspiration behind his title track, “Seed.” He explained that the song was influenced by the Kpop music of the nineties and how he aimed to “capture the essence of that era but interpret it in a modern way.”

As for the song “Shoong!” it holds a special significance for Taeyang. The track, featuring Blackpink’s rapper Lisa, was the first song he created after being released from the army. Taeyang admitted that he initially struggled to find his direction and inspiration but found his groove with this song. The racing concept of the song came from the onomatopoeic word “Shoong,” which is often used for cars passing by in Korean.

Taeyang’s comeback has been eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide, and he has delivered a project that reflects his evolution as an artist while staying true to his roots. With “Down To Earth,” Taeyang proves once again that he is a true Kpop savant who has the ability to captivate and entertain his fans with his music and dance.

Check out “Shoong!” below!

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