10CM X Paul Kim Online Concert

On @10cm_official Instagram space, 10CM has hinted on a potential collaboration with another artist. 

On July 16, 10CM posted a picture of two people looking out into nature, with the caption “???”. In the vibrant picture, there is 10CM wearing a red shirt along with another curious-looking person. “Who could that be?”, was the question we were left with. 

On the same day, another picture was posted on 10CM’s Instagram, with the caption “!!!”. Seated on a polka-dot purple couch were 10CM and another vocally talented artist none other than Paul Kim himself. “IT’S PAUL KIM!”

This perfectly fitted duo is set to make an online concert together and the anticipation to see these two amazing humans together is keeping us impatient! 

Paul Kim and 10CM were live on Instagram about 4 days ago and sang together. The view of seeing them harmoniously singing and enjoying themselves gave the fans more excitement towards their upcoming concert! 

According to the post on both 10 CM and Paul Kim’s Instagram account, the live-streamed concert will happen on 7/30/2020 (Thursday) at 9 PM. 

The live streaming will happen on YouTube on 10CM and Paul Kim’s Official Channel. 

More information on concert information will be released soon!

View the concert teaser below!

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