5 songs to listen to before you attend The Stage session Vol 1 Tour

5 songs to listen to before you attend The Stage session Vol 1 Tour

Stage session Vol 1 Tour starts in just 1 month, and we want to make sure your ready to go! Today we’re going to list 5 songs to listen to before you attend a Stage Session Vol 1 concert. Let’s get started!

Nafla – Wu

Nafla’s Wu is an old school hiphop inspired track about his rise as a Korean rapper. The song has a nice old school vibe that is very reminiscent of Wu-Tang Clan’s CREAM.

Loopy – Gear


Loopy’s song Gear is a hard hitting rap track that shows off all of Loopy’s abilities as a rapper. The man is spitting 4 minutes of straight baaaars!!!!

MOMMY SON – Shonen Jump

Beside the infamous Tap dance song. Mommy Son’s Shonen Jump is also a fun old school trot inspired song.

Deepflow – Cut Cut Cut

Continuing with the old school vibes. Deepflow’s Cut Cut Cut is a very stripped down track about how the Korean music industry is filled with fake people.

넉살 – Nuckle Flow

Nuckle Flow is a booming rap song matched with a hard hitting flow. The song
was actually produced by Deeplow and written by Nucksal himself.


Well that’s the end of another list. Be sure to follow us on of all our social media sites. And don’t forget to snag a ticket to one of the many shows happening on STAGE SESSION VOL.1 TOUR. Tickets are on sale now! The perks for each section include.

  • P1 | $160  | VIP MEET & GREET ?
    • Group photo with all 5 artists
    • The fastest entry
    • Best view in house
    • Free foam stick

  • P2 | $70  | EARLY ENTRY
    • Priority Entry
    • Free poster

  • P3 | $50 | ENJOY THE SHOW ?
    • First come first served

Get your tickets while you can at https://www.stagesession.com/ and follow Stage Session for more information on the show.