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4 reasons to love Teen Top!


We’ve seen Teen Top go from being a hopeful rookies to successful legends in the kpop industry. Today we’re counting down 4 reasons to love TeenTop!  

The choreography

Saying Teen Top’s choreography is just good, is an understatement. These boys complex dance skills never cease to amaze angles and kpop fans alike. Throughout the years Teen Top has even gained the nickname “knife choreography.” for their smooth knife like dance moves.

Their Likable personalities

Each Teen Top member has their own likable personalities, but when you put them altogether it becomes a nonstop comedy show!  Their fun antics are guaranteed to make you laugh.  

Their rap and vocal skills

Not only does Teen Top have an amazing vocal line, their rap skills are great as well. Each Teen Top song has a formula featuring sweet vocals and a dynamic rap verse to create an nonstop bop.

Teen Tops music is always on point!

With their extraordinary vocals matched with a hypnotic dance beat their music is all guaranteed to be a hit! Even when they decide to slow it down and with a soft tempo song.  


Well that’s the end of  another list. Be sure to follow us on of all our social media sites. And don’t forget to snag a ticket to one of the many shows happening on Teen Top’s Night in USA tour. Tickets are on sale now! The VVIP perks include

  • Pre-show fan signing
  • Free Album for signatures
  • 3 Snapshots opportunities (VVIP Preshow event)
  • Early Entire (group 1)
  • Group photo
  • High touch
  • VVIP pass with lanyard
  • Admission in the premium section

while the VIP perks include

  • Pre-show fan signing
  • Free Album for signatures
  • Early Entire (group 2)
  • Group photo
  • High touch
  • VIP pass with lanyard
  • Admission in the designated area

There’s also a special promotion going on. When you Buy 1 general admission ticket you Get another 1 Free when you use the code TEENTOP18. Get your tickets while you can at www.kpoptickets.com and follow Studio PAV for more information on the show.




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