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8 LGBT Kpop Music Videos | Kpop Facts | Ep 37

Written By | Lead Admit | Sarah Britton

Sadly homosexuailty is still a forbidden subject in Korea. However, the kpop industry is making it their mission to change peoples minds one video at a time. Here’s 8 LGBT Kpop MV’s


8. Dreamcatcher |  Lucky Strike

Now we know that this just a cover song, but something we noticed is that instead of changing the words “She” to “He” they kept the lyrics “She”


7. Girl’s Day | Female President

Now this isn’t a complete ode to the LGBT community. But we did notice that member’s Hyeri and Minah had an almost kiss that was very reminiscent of the brown eyed girls abracadabra.

6. ANDA | Touch

Now Anda’s song lyrics for touch aren’t aim at a specific gender, but her video clearly is. At the time of the videos release Girl-on-girl action was considered controversial and somewhat taboo. But Anda’s agency stated that the release of this video was the singers own way of freeing herself and fans alike.

5. Planet Shiver x Crush | Rainbow

Rainbow is a powerful song not only about LGBT equal rights but also about the fight against racism in the world. The main message of the song is that everyone should be a free person without judgment.

4. SISTAR | One More Day

Sistar’s one more day video is about two females friends that find love in tragedy. One of the girls is deeply in love with the other while, the other girl is also in love with her but she’s stuck in a very abusive relationship. In the end they are able to be together but at what cost?

3. Baby Soul X Yoo Jia | She’s a Flirt

Baby Soul and Yoo Jia’s song She’s a flirt tackles the struggles of being in a lesbian relationship in korea’s society. In the video Baby Soul who is now a member of the girl group Lovelyz, Is hopelessly in love with her friend who has a boyfriend. Throughout the other friend jia struggles with the decision to either stay with her boyfriend or follow her heart and be with Baby Soul.

2.Glam | Party XXO

Written by BTS’s Rap Monster, Glam’s XXO  Talks about breaking the rules and choosing to love whoever you want whether it be a man or women.

1. K.Will | Please Don’t

Now you guys knew this song would be on the list right right lol. Known as the greatest plot twist ever! This video follows the struggles of one man being in love with his best friend that will soon get married to someone else.



Well we’ve come to the end of our list. This article was a fun tribute to the LGBTQ Community for Pride Month. We know that there are tons more videos we may have missed like Red Velvet’s Wish Tree and After School’s Because of You. But we hope you do enjoy the videos that were picked for this list. Thank you for watching or reading!

Written By | Lead Admit | Sarah Britton

Sarah, is a 23 year old Graphic Designer that has been a Kpop Fan since 09. Her hobbies are writing, drawing, and not going on long walks on the beach lol.

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