A Netflix Documentary About BLACKPINK To Come Out Soon

BLACKPINK set to be on Netflix’s very first K-Pop documentary!

On September 9, YG Entertainment announced that the documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ will be released exclusively on Netflix on October 14th.

The documentary will take us through the journey of BLACKPINK’s past 4 years, where they have been working hard on their grand debut in 2016. It will include videos of the girls’ past, from their trainee days and up to the global stars that they are today. There will also be exclusive clips of daily life and backstage preparations.

In addition to that, the show will also include an honest review with the four members. The viewers will be able to see the four’s synergy as artists and how they apply their individual lives into their music. There will be footage about their process on the making of their albums as well.

‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ was directed by Caroline Suh, the mastermind behind the well-made documentary ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat.’ The director have captured the girls’ genuine moments based on the good relationship she has with them.

The girls, themselves, made a statement for the upcoming documentary, “We look forward to sharing our stories with BLINKs all over the world through a Netflix documentary.” They have hopes that the show will give the viewers joy.

BLACKPINK have showed off their global popularity by releasing multiple songs this year. After their famed collaboration of ‘Sour Candy’ with Lady Gaga, they dropped two pre-release singles ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Ice Cream,’ both which became instant hits!


Their song ‘Ice Cream’ entered this week’s ‘Hot 100’ chart from Billboard, ranking at no. 13 on September 8th. This renewed their Own best K-Pop Girl Group record. The song had reigned supreme at no. 1 on Youtube Music’s Global Top 100 Chart.

BLACKPINK will make their anticipated return with their first debut album, ‘THE ALBUM,’ on October 2. The album already made over a whopping 800,000 preorders in 6 days since pre-sales began the 28th of last month.

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Also, check out their recent release ‘Ice Cream’ here:

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