BÉBE YANA makes comeback with single “64”

BÉBE YANA is starting the year strong with her newest single ‘64’, her first comeback since the release of her 2022 EP Space Mulan. After being signed to the newly formed label A MASS CULTURE, ‘64’ shows a new BÉBE YANA that is ambient, melodic, and ethereal.

Debuting in 2012 as a part of the K-pop group ‘EvoL’ before going independent in 2017, BÉBE YANA has continued to develop her own style and sound as a solo artist. Her unique color, strongly influenced by K-pop, new wave Pop, Drum & Bass, Jersey Club, and 90’s Pop, has garnered the attention of listeners worldwide. Fans are eager to learn more about this mysterious artist pushing different sounds in Korea.

Showcasing BÉBE YANA’s enticing voice paired with the song’s crisp highs, deep bass, and futuristic landscape, ‘64’ makes her the perfect candidate to bridge the gap between K-POP and the underground; creating ‘Underground K-POP.

This time around, BÉBE YANA partnered with German producer Ludwig Wandinger and Korean producer KHYO, known for his work with Korean artists such as Woo, Crush, Mokyo, and K-pop group WAYV, to make a futuristic down-tempo track. 64’ is sure to take listeners on a mystical ride. Inspired by angel numbers, ’64’ encourages listeners to trust the universe and rid themselves of negative thoughts, all while referencing the classic 64 Chevy Impala, the vehicle for this sonic journey.

Artwork by MIO

’64’ has been released and can be found on all major platforms and the music video can be found on A MASS CULTURE’s official Youtube Channel.

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