Day 6 (Even Of Day) Powerful Subunit Comeback

Day6’s subunit, “Even of Day,” released an album entitled “The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.”


At the beginning of August, Day 6 announced a subunit called “Even Of Day,” consisting of Wonpil, Young K, and Dowoon. And on August 31, Even Of Day released “The Book of Us: Gluon” following Day6’s “Book Of Us” series.

“The Book of Us: Gluon” consists of seven different heartfelt songs that have a comforting feeling to them. The seven tracks consist of four DENIMALZ intros and three full-length songs.

Listen to the album sampler below.

Listening to the album, I felt like I was given a helping hand, a pick me up.

Everyone is having a stressful time this year. We have seen and witnessed heart-wrenching moments that have torn us inside and out, but this album is here to say, “let me give you my shoulder to cry on; we can get through this together.”

Young K said on an Instagram post, “Like this album, I hope you continue to have happy days. We will get through these hardships together.”

This album brings me hope and confidence that whatever struggle I’m going through will itself work out in the end.

As well as the album, Even of Day, has also released a music video for the title song, “Where The Sea Sleeps.” After the release of “The Book of Us: Demon,” Sungjin and Jae took time off from the group to regain some mental and emotional strength. Their absence has made us all hope for their safe and healthy return!

Watching the music video has broken all MyDay’s into tears as we think about Jae and Sungjin. The video shows Danimalz portraying each member, and the brief appearance of Sungjin and Jae has made us miss Day 6 as a whole.

The song talks about being together through the rough times, and when the turbulent times have calmed, everything will get better. The lyrics say, “May the day be calm or sometimes rocky/ If only you’re here with me/ Whatever day we meet / However the waves, I’ll hold on.”

The track itself was beautiful. From the chilling vocals to the powerful instruments and the synchronous sounds, the music was like a breath of fresh air.

Listen to “The Book Of Us: Gluon -Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” on Spotify and Apple Music

If you haven’t already, stream “Where the Sea Sleeps” below!