DEMIAN Makes A Dreamy Return With His 3rd Single “YES”

The sweet voiced soloist, Demian, made his comeback after two months!

On August 25, 6PM KST, Demian’s ‘YES’ lyric music video dropped on his official Youtube channel. For his third song released, Demian didn’t fail to show a different side to his artistry for ‘YES’ while keeping true to his distinctive sound.

The song emits such a dreamy and euphoric melody that gives it an alternative/R&B vibe. It could put anyone in a trance with its hypnotizing instrumentals. Demian also showcased more of his lower tone vocals that we miss out from his previous songs. Additionally, the lyrics of ‘YES’ are mostly in English, showing off his potential as a global artist.

‘YES’ is meant as the third and final part of the trilogy of one’s emotions through a break-up. Demian discussed in his Youtube live, streamed 10PM KST on his official channel, how ‘YES’ is the conclusion of this narrative. While ‘Cassette’ portrayed the sweet sorrow of a break-up and ‘Karma’ expressed the pain and heartache of letting go of love, ‘YES’ is the lingering feelings felt while meeting again at a party.

Demian is a solo artist from Sony Music Entertainment Korea, debuted March 11th of 2020. He only released two other songs prior, ‘Cassette’ and ‘Karma.’ For a little more information on Demian, you can check out this Tokki Star article about him here.

Check out Demian’s ‘YES’ music video here if you haven’t already!