DEMIAN: An Artist To Watch

If you do not know who Demian is, then you are missing out on pure, raw talent!

Demian is a South Korean singer under Sony Music Entertainment Korea. He made his debut on March 11th, 2020 with the solo track, Cassette, a song of a bittersweet end to a relationship. “Cassette” encases a very retro, 80’s ballad rock kind of vibe that is very easy to listen and jam to.

Following after, Demian made his first comeback with “Karma” on June 24. The song shows off a new side to Demian’s musical talents, as it embodies a more upbeat, sexy sound. On his Youtube Livestream of the same day, Demian commented on how the song was supposed to be connected to “Cassette”, the other aspect of love and heartaches. While “Cassette” was about being hurt by letting go of a relationship, “Karma” is on how to let go of one.

His musical style separates him from other Korean artists I have listened to before. While he only has two songs out after his official debut, Demian does have a Soundcloud account where more of his original songs and covers are downloaded, which you can check out yourself under demian_isme. The combination of catchy, chill beats, and his attractive vocal tone in both “Cassette” and “Karma” seems perfect for the summer season.

Once you trap yourself in his songs, there are multiple ways to learn and fall more in love with Demian. Every Friday, Demian does one-hour live streams on Instagram to keep his fans updated on his everyday life, as well as give fun little tidbits about himself. Additionally, he has a series on his Youtube channel called DAILY:AN for behind-the-scenes footage on his latest comeback, which new episodes will be uploaded every Monday and Friday 9 PM KST. Demian shows off his hardworking and down-to-earth personality in the videos that make him much more likable. He also would translate himself from Korean to English for his international fans, which adds on to his admirable nature.

If the article hasn’t convinced you yet to give Demian a try, you are sorely overlooking this rookie artist’s great potential. As a fan, I am very excited to see what Demian has to offer and will be looking forward to more of his musical journey.

Check out Demian’s latest comeback track, Karma, and be mesmerized by the visuals and vocals!