eaJ Works With Rookie Artist Seori in this new song “It Just Is” (ft. Keshi Strat)


First Impressions: eaJ (Jae of Day6) with Seori AND Keshi! My mind was blown just from the title. I knew that this song was going to be fair, but I didn’t know how good! “Wow” is all I can say. I’m just speechless…

I first heard about Seori through Jae’s Instagram live. Jae talked about her music in high regard and told everyone to check it out. I was looking for music at the time, so I decided to give it a listen and was taken aback. Seori’s music is one of a kind in the music industry. I have never heard anything like it.

~ Let’s dive into who Seori, eaJ, and Keshi are:

Seori’s music meshes Korean lyrics with English and creates something almost like an alternate magical universe. Seori’s album “?depcase ohw” is practically fantasy-like. With the theme “escape” in mind, Seori created something that everyone can immerse themselves right into as they let go of the burdens of life around them. To learn more about Seori and her endeavors, read the article “The Next Rising Artist: Seori.”

eaJ has been working on his side projects during his hiatus with Day6. The projects he has been working on has allowed him to showcase a side of him fans haven’t seen before. Jae is branching into new music and trying out new things, which has resulted in some fantastic works. He’s collaborated with Rich Brian, 88 Rising and worked with kinotaku and 220. To learn more about eaJ, read the article “Shuffle Your Playlist: A Collection of Songs from eaJ.”

Keshi is an Asian-American singer/songwriter that has made chill songs in his musical career. He has made tracks out of lo-fi beats and created some exquisite R&B tracks that are a vibe. Finding Keshi was like a gift. Recently Keshi released the song “drunk,” and it has been on repeat on my playlist.

~ Now, back to this one-of-a-kind collab of eaJ X Seori (ft. Keshi’s Strat) ~

This song fits somewhere in the middle, with all three of these talented artists’ musical genres. It’s soft melodies and mellow sounds kind of create a vibe that makes you feel relaxed and fine. Keshi outdid himself in this track and created something truly out of this world that fit both eaJ and Seori’s voices so well.

With the addition of eaJ and Seori’s vocals, the track just hits another tier of excellence. Seori’s hypnotizing, fantasy-like voice mixed with eaJ almost hushed singing gave this song more of a deeper meaning. Upon reading the lyrics, the audience knows that this track, “It Just Is,” isn’t meant to be an upbeat, happy one, but one with a hidden layer of meaning behind it.

eaJ, enraptured by Seori’s music, reached out first to create a song together. In the trailer to the song “It Just Is,” the two described their musical process. I recommend you to watch this to learn more about the two artists.


Coming to a close of this article, I believe this song struck another vein in my heart. The song talks about the overwhelming feelings of loneliness but as soon as they found that other missing half of them, things just become different because it just is.

Tell me your thoughts on the song!

If you haven’t already, watch eaJ X Seori’s “It Just Is” (ft. Keshi’s Strat) below!