[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Meet f5ve, Japan’s Rising Super-Group on a Mission to Empower and Inspire

Meet f5ve, a five-member super-group from Japan that’s quickly making a name for themselves in the music world.

Previously known as SG5, f5ve are inter-dimensional dream agents from Tokyo, Japan. Their mission is to infiltrate the subconscious mind in order to eradicate self-doubt and negative energy. Utilizing their arsenal of optimism, confidence, fantasy, intelligence, and female empowerment, these five women create surreal aural landscapes in which fear can’t exist. They are currently managed by LDH JAPAN and the international management and entertainment company Three Six Zero.

Recently, they released their debut single ‘Lettuce,’ which has captured the attention of K-pop and music fans alike. Today, we’re talking to them about their new single, what inspires them, and more!

f5ve: SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU, and KAEDE. Credit Charlotte Rutherford

Congratulations on your new release! Can each member please introduce yourselves?

MIYUU: I’m Miyuu , my best feature is my bangs. My dream specialty is “FANTASY”, and everything I touch becomes light, airy, and magical 🤍 I love makeup and puppies!

RURI: I’m Ruri, My favorite feature is my long black hair!! My dream specialty is “FEMALE EMPOWERMENT”. I help dreamers be their most divinely beautiful, self-loving, boss bitch version of themselves!! I love steak and rock music.

SAYAKA: I’m Sayaka, my dream specialty is “BRILLIANCE”. I unlock hidden talents the dreamer couldn’t have imagined. I wish to draw secret talents of all Hi-5s!! I love fashion and clothes!!

KAEDE: I’m Kaede, leader of f5ve. My dream specialty is “CONFIDENCE”. I create dreams that allow you to be who you are, a party-starter, fearless in social situations! I’m more outgoing than the other members of f5ve lol I love video games and the cheetah girls.

RUI: I’m RUI!! My favorite things are watching anime, eating noodles, sleeping, and performing on stage. My dream specialty is “OPTIMISM” & “JOY”. I remove doubt from the dreamer’s mind, allowing them to return to a childlike state where they are unafraid to have hope!

Describe your new single “Lettuce” in one word or phrase.

MIYUU: Fantasy🤍

RURI: Impact!!!

SAYAKA: Addictive!!

KAEDE: Delicious!!

RUI: Toxic!!

Your latest release has gained a lot of popularity on social media. Did you expect such a warm reception?

MIYUU: To be honest, everything still feels like a dream to me! I’m happy to hear that so many people are interested in us, and our official socials! I was surprised to see such warm welcome in my long career. I’m excited to have the opportunity being so close to all international besties!!

RURI: I am very honored and cannot believe how so many people throughout the world listens to our music! ありがとうございます!!

SAYAKA: I didn’t expect this much of a reaction, and I’m so glad I feel connected to everyone of hi-5 through hilarious social media posts and memes!!

KAEDE: I was surprised to receive so many reactions from so many different countries! I think we were able to get attention because our contents are unique and reveals how we really are!! I’m always excited to read all the comments, and I am glad to know our entertainment and silly humor is reaching out to so many people to get to know us!!

RUI: I was very worried and nervous at first, but I believe in what we do! It’s amazing seeing so many comments in different languages!!!!!!

f5ve is described as embodying the dreams of every girl. What message do you hope to convey to your female audience, and how do you aim to inspire them through your music?

MIYUU: Nowadays we can easily set eyes on information from the internet, which makes it so easy to compare yourself with others and sometimes makes you become negative. I hope that us being confident on stage inspires many people. Love yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is special. To be loved, is to love yourself. I wish I can be someone’s motivation being confident!

RURI: I want to be a group that women look up to, and I want to challenge different genres of music so that our art can be very much diverse!!!

SAYAKA: Just be you. There are many contents that might make you lose yourself, but as f5ve has different personalities and talent, I hope you can relate to us, and we can be there for you to give a push in the back!

KAEDE: I believe there are no boundaries between “ages”, or any “rules” in how you express yourself. I wish you to be yourself whenever and wherever you are. We hope to change negativity in you to positivity through our music!!

RUI: I hope that through f5ve’s music and my existence, will give people the power to take on challenges and enjoy the things they love to from their heart without fear.

Who are your biggest musical influences, and how have they inspired you as an artist?

MIYUU: It’s very hard for me to choose one!! I listen and watch many genres of music, and all artists inspire me very much for different reasons!!

RURI: My role model as an artist has been Ayumi Hamasaki since I was very little, and she was the reason I wanted to become one!!

SAYAKA: I have been influenced by various artists. I don’t have any favorite, but I take inspiration of each artist to discover my own!!

KAEDE: My crush was Girls Generation. They had inspired me a lot with their music, performance and style. I learned how to express each member’s individuality being in a girl’s group. They have also given me courage trying different genres!!

RUI: Taylor Swift. I really love her songs and her live performance. I started playing guitar because of her!!

As a new group, what does f5ve hope to achieve this year?

MIYUU: We have been very active this year, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to interact with our fans more often. I think it will be very important for us to have as many people as possible to get to know “f5ve”. I can’t wait to perform on stage this year!!

RURI: To have people throughout the world know us as well as our music, and Japan!!

SAYAKA: We are planning to release more music!! I wish to have an opportunity to meet all our Hi-5 oomfs!!

KAEDE: We are planning to share a lot of our music to the world this year! I hope many people will get a chance to know f5ve and have as many people as possible to feel positive throughout our music!!

RUI: To have many people know about us and our music. I want to send a lot of love to hi-5…!!大好き!!

f5ve: SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU, and KAEDE. Credit Charlotte Rutherford

Many fans and netizens are referring to f5ve as a global girl group. Do you think that’s a fitting title?

MIYUU: It’s such an honor! We will keep moving forward with confidence as proud Japanese women. We wish to be iconic…… “that is so f5ve” when you see us.

RURI: I am very happy!! It has been f5ve‘s dream to become a group recognized by people all over the world!!

SAYAKA: It was always our dream to reach a global audience, so I am excited to hear the reaction!!

KAEDE: I’m very surprised to hear that!! We will do our best to live up to it!! We have been learning so much about the world!!

RUI: I’m so glad to be known by that. I will promise to be worthy of this!

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

MIYUU: hi-5♡ Thank you for your constant support!! I hope you all continue enjoying our content!! I’m always happy whenever I see your comments!! Can’t wait to see you all so soon<3

RURI: Thank you everyone!! I will promise to work hard to make f5ve known not only in Japan but internationally!!!!

SAYAKA: We have so much planned for this year, I hope to make it a year that hi-5 will love!!

KAEDE: Thank you for supporting us!! I would love to share different sides of f5ve, and I will promise to go to as many countries as possible to meet hi-5!!

RUI: Thanks for reading this interview!! I hope f5ve will make u full of happiness and wonderment!! Please don’t forget to check our official account!! Love you hi-5!!

We want to give a special thanks to Three Six Zero for giving us this opportunity and to F5ve for interviewing with us.

Listen to ‘Lettuce’ by f5ve here: https://threesixzero.lnk.to/lettuce

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