ITZY Brought the Energy to Sugarland with Their Born To Be Tour

ITZY brought their much-anticipated “Born To Be” tour to Sugarland on June 14th, and they absolutely brought down the house.

Photo Credit: Live Nation (@livenation.kpop) / Smart Financial Centre

The moment the girls stepped onto the stage, the crowd went wild. Bathed in the glow of red lights, the energy was euphoric as they kicked off the show with their iconic song “Born To Be.”

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Violeta Alvarez (@violetaalvarezphoto)

The first half of the show was filled with excitement, focusing on the music as they sang hits like “RACER,” “KIDDING ME,” “Mr. Vampire,” “SWIPE,” and the crowd favorite, “WANNABE.” The transition into the “WANNABE” performance was outstanding, with each member performing a solo dance sequence that led into Ryujin’s iconic intro, making the crowd scream ten times louder.

After the girls left the stage, a VCR transition delved into ITZY’s lore, segueing into their solo stages. Each track highlighted the members’ personalities and unique colors. Chaeryeong opened with her solo song “Mine,” which she described as a personal song that reveals her heart.

Photo Credit: Sarah Britton (@lookielookie_23) / Smart Financial Centre

Ryujin followed with her pop rock-inspired song “Run Away,” she explained in the talk portion of the show, that it’s about a significant other who doesn’t want to be the bad guy and break things off first, so she takes the blame and becomes the villain.

Our lovely maknae, Yuna, looking pretty in lilac, sang her song “Yet, but,” a light-hearted pop tune about turning someone’s frown upside down. The solo performances were a standout, with each member shining in their own right. Yeji closed out the solo section with a powerful performance that had the entire audience on their feet, screaming their hearts out.

Photo Credit: Sarah Britton (@lookielookie_23) / Smart Financial Centre

Following the solos, another VCR provided a deeper look into ITZY’s fascinating lore, with cinematic quality that could rival movies. This visual storytelling added an alluring layer to the concert, keeping fans captivated. The next song, the notorious “Untouchable,” kept the momentum going as they smoothly transitioned into “Gas Me Up” and “Dynamite.”

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Violeta Alvarez (@violetaalvarezphoto)

Some of the night’s standout moments included the spotlight on the dancers and band at the end of their “Loco” and “Not Shy” performances. It’s rare to see groups showcase other creatives besides themselves, and it was very refreshing to witness. Notably, the top-notch production, featuring a live band, took ITZY’s show to the next level.

Photo Credit: Sarah Britton (@lookielookie_23) / Smart Financial Centre

Another memorable moment was the cute dance fans did during “LOVE is,” a special tradition exclusive to MIDZY in Sugarland since last year. It was heartwarming to see the crowd uphold this tradition.

As the night came to a close, the members spoke to fans one last time. Ryujin mentioned that Sugarland’s color was particularly warm and inviting, saying.

“Each city has a unique color, and Sugarland’s color is very warm and happy”


The group shared a special video gift for MIDZY, including messages from fans and ITZY themselves. The video also featured footage of Lia, which made the audience very emotional.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Violeta Alvarez (@violetaalvarezphoto)

Overall, ITZY’s “Born To Be” tour in Sugarland was a night to remember, filled with powerful performances, emotional moments, and an intimate connection with their fans. ITZY once again proved why they are at the top of their game, delivering a concert experience that will be talked about for years to come.

We want to give a special thanks to Live Nation and JYP Entertainment for inviting us to the show!