(G)I-DLE Exudes confidence in “TOMBOY” MV

Courtesy of Cube Entertainment, REELS Corporation


(G)I-DLE consistently creates empowering music with deep messages embedded in their lyrics. Their ultimate goal is to transcend genres and continuously evolve. Their most recent project, “I NEVER DIE,” exemplifies their growth.

The album, [I NEVER DIE], expresses (G)I-DLE’s emotions and perspectives on societal biases and what life has to offer. Despite facing the world head-on, the group maintains their principles, unapologetically embracing their individuality.

  2. Never Stop Me (Our fave track)
  4. ALREADY (Our fave track)
  5. POLAROID (Our fave track)
  6. ESCAPE (Our fave track)
  7. LIAR (Our fave track)
  8. MY BAG
  9. TOMBOY (CD Only)

The album contains nine songs that explore different genres, with “TOMBOY” being the lead single. The title track exudes confidence as they sing lines like “I’m not a doll” and “Just me I-DLE.” These lyrics express their desire to be independent figures who carve out their own life paths. In (G)I-DLE’s showcase hosted by REELS Corporation, they went more in-depth with the meaning behind “TOMBOY.”

Soyeon: This song shows (G)I-DLE’s confident attitude. ‘I’m not a doll, just me (G)I-DLE’ The direct lyrics tell the message that I’m just me and nothing can restrict us.

They also describe the meaning of the MV, which was rumored to have a noir concept. Miyeon confidently answered, “It’s not about a girl who’s crying about love. Our music video is about a rebellious, bold woman who can’t be hurt by anything.” The group also expressed that this album was a passion project and they poured their hearts into it. They aspire to fill the void that their one-year absence left in their fans’ hearts.

Check out (G)I-DLE’s new album “I NEVER DIE” and MV “TOMBOY” below!