With infinite possibilities, TEMPEST aims to turn the kpop world upside down!

On Feb 2nd YUEHUA Entertainment officially debuted their first boy group in 7 years, TEMPEST! Their debut mini-album is entitled “It’s Me, It’s We,” with “Bad News” being the lead single. The album contains five tracks that explore different genres, showing TEMPEST’s versatility as an artist.

TEMPEST PresenT • ChallengE • FreedoMPassion HappinEss • ClasSic • PossibiliTy •

“The band’s name derives from its literal meaning, “a group that will sweep the K-POP industry by storm with bright energy and powerful performances.”

“The album also has a sufficient collectible value by putting great effort into all of the tracks.” Specifically, the effort put in by members LEW and HWARANG who participated in writing the lyrics for every song on “It’s Me, It’s We.”


They’re a seven-member (LEW and HYEONGSEOP, HANBIN, HWARANG, HYUK, EUNCHAN, and TAERAE.) group formed by YUEHUA Entertainment aiming to impress the kpop market with their powerful performances, bright energy, and genre-bending music. While some agencies are secretive about how they form and create their groups, TEMPEST’s agency wasn’t as shy about its plans. The company developed a specific timeline of how each member was presented to the world. Their formula was “Pre-Debut: TV SHOW + Pre-Project + Pre-EVENT+ Debut Album = TEMPEST.”

Pre-Debut: TV SHOW

Pre-Debut: TV SHOW

If some of the members look familiar to you, that’s likely because you’ve seen them in a few kpop survival shows. For example, member Hanbin participated in ENYHPEN’s show I-LAND, where he gained a large following that prompted him to pursue solo activities under his then company BELIFT LAB.

“Under Nineteen”: HWARANG

HWARANG had previously shown his talent as a contestant on the K-POP survival program “Under Nineteen” (aka Under 19) that was aired on MBC (one of the largest broadcast stations in South Korea)


LEW and HYEONGSEOP participated in the 2nd season of the popular K-POP survival program “PRODUCE 101,” ranking 23rd and 16th, respectively. The pair would later form the unit group HYEONGSEOP X EUIWOONG.

Debut Album & Showcase

Jumping forward to their debut, the group performed for the first time at their media showcase. The boy’s first performance was of “BAD NEWS,” which is known as TEMPEST’s introduction letter to the world and shows off each member’s unique personality. During the showcase, LEW expanded further on the songs meaning. Saying.

“It’s our first album’s title song, and it’s our first track. This song is like breaking news, and it breaks the story of our beginning. It shows that TEMPEST has finally arrived and shows how determined we are for our music. The host then replies, “It’s like this song shows how confident you all are.”

As the show moved forward TEMPEST performed their last song of the night “Just A little Bit,” and continued to answer more questions from the press. One question that stood out was “What separates TEMPEST from other 4th gen groups?” Hyungseop confidently answered “What sets us apart is that our group is based on hyperrealism and that we tackle the subject of identity. This album is the starting point of our identity and journey as a group. “

Check out photos and videos from the showcase below!

Source: Reels Corporation, YUEHUA Entertainment