Here are 11 K-Xmas songs you should add to your holiday playlist

The holiday season is in full swing and to add to the festivities, we made a playlist just for you!

Sweet The Kid – Perfect Time

ⓒ The Good Days Boys

When you’ve had a long day at work or school, you might want to wind down. Play Perfect Time by Sweet The Kid. His soft vocals will calm your mind and make you feel festive.

Twice – Doughnut


Yes, I know. The song is technically Jpop, and Twice has a lot of Korean Christmas music. However, one song that we would like to highlight is “Doughnut.” It’s an uplifting song about love being sweet like a doughnut.

Cr: LEAlbum

EXO – Unfair

ⓒ SM Entertainment

EXO’s X-mas jingles could fill an entire list, but then we’d be here all day! This time we’ll highlight the song Unfair. It’s a lighthearted holiday song about cuffing season and how it feels to be in love during the holidays.


ⓒ Epik High

If you’re tired of hearing about everyone’s wonderful and happy life during the holidays. No More Christmas by EPIK HIGH is the song for you! This anti-Christmas anthem criticizes the fakeness of the holidays and asks why people must put on a happy face when their lives are a mess.

Stray Kids “Christmas EveL”


In keeping with the anti-Xmas theme, Stray Kids Christmas EveL asks why people act one way during the holidays and another after Christmas is over.

Cr: LEAlbum

NMIXX – Funky Glitter Christmas


This December NMIXX surprised everyone with what they called an Intermixxion single “Funky Glitter Christmas.”

Aden – Christmas Love (Prod.SIM2)

ⓒ LINK6 Inc

From KozyPop’s compilation album ‘Merry Seoul Vibes’. Aden’s Christmas Love is the perfect song to get you in the holiday spirit.

Red Velvet X aespa ‘Beautiful Christmas’

ⓒ SM Entertainment

One of many songs off SM Entertainment’s upcoming Winter album “2022 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU Palace.” ‘Beautiful Christmas is a holiday carol with a swing rhythm influence, matched with a rhythmic bass and piano beat. The lyrics carry the message that this time of year can create the most beautiful memories.

NCT DREAM – ‘Candy’

ⓒ SM Entertainment

If you’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season check out NCT Dreams Christmas remake of H.O.T’s Candy! The song and MV are sure to get you in the holiday season.

JESSICA – World Of Dreams

ⓒ Coridel Entertainment

Chrismas isn’t complete without the ice princess. “World Of Dreams” is a loveable x-mas song about how the holiday season can almost feel like a beautiful world of dreams. It’s a perfect song to put on while warming up near the fireplace.

SOLE – warm christmas

ⓒ Amoeba Culture

If you’re someone who may be feeling a bit down this Christmas cozy up with Sole’s ‘Warm Christmas.’ It’s the perfect song to brighten up your holiday.