MINHO releases his long-awaited album + MV ‘CHASE’

SHINee member MINHO has released his long awaited MV ‘CHASE.’ The title track and album have a HipHop and R&B-infused sound matched with a sophisticated atmosphere. The song ‘CHASE’ is about being in a never-ending battle with reality as they continue to chase someone they know is never coming back.

  1. Chase
  2. Run Away ft. GEMINI
  3. Prove It
  4. Waterfall ft. LIM KIM
  5. Choice
  6. Heartbreak

© SM Entertainment

With this album, Minho has established his core sound, which is in line with his previously released single ‘Heartbreak.’ It also completes SHINee’s “plagiarism series” tradition of having their first solo albums contain the “SE” or “CE” sound. Jonghyun started the tradition when he named his solo debut album “BASE” to match Taemin’s “ACE” album, so they were both connected.

MINHO’s album is available on all streaming platforms!

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