IRENE Reveals What’s In Her Bag on VOGUE KOREA’s What’s In My Bag

Red Velvet’s Irene gives us a sneak peek of what’s in her bag on VOGUE KOREA’s youtube series “What’s in my bag”

In the video, Irene gave a little bit of information about each item in her bag. She even revealed a few details about herself, that she loves online shopping. While talking about her love for online shopping the interviewer asked if she ever regretted buying a specific item.

Irene replied with a story about how she regretted buying a pair of flip-flops because the color was unflattering. She later said she still wears them even though people talk about them.

Irene also showcased a small pouch gifted to her by a fan. She talked about how she didn’t know what to use it for at first, but she eventually used it for her AirPods because it was so small.

To see what else is in Irene’s bag, check her video below.

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