Is Chen’s New Song “Hello” a Letter to EXO-L’s?

On October 15th Chen released his new single “Hello” on various music platforms such as Spotify, Melon, iTunes, and Apple Music at 6 pm. The MV was released this morning on YouTube and NAVER.

Hello, is a Britpop song about wanting someone you care deeply about to do well in life. And trying to find the right words that express these wants, but being too afraid to say it in person, so they write it in a letter. Many international EXO-Ls believe this song is a letter to fans. That this is Chen’s way of saying he wants them to find happiness.

The video is very somber and has a sad undertone making the viewer think that Chen wants the other person to be happy, so his hidden unhappiness ends. The singer’s vocals are soft and sweet, adding a unique sound to the track.

Check out Chen’s MV below!

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