Koda Kumi Releases lyric video for ‘Guess Who Is Back’

On December 2, the undisputed queen of J-pop celebrated her 20th anniversary by releasing the two mini-albums  ‘angeL [MY NAME IS…]’ and ‘monsteR [MY NAME IS…]’.
Koda Kumi has now released a lyric video for the track ‘Guess Who Is Back’ on YouTube. The song ‘Guess Who Is Back’ is actually the opening theme for the anime series ‘Black Clover.’ And according to Avex…

“In response to an overwhelming number of requests from fans for a music video for the track, the ‘Guess Who Is Back’ lyric video was produced using footage from the ‘KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2018 -DNA-’ concert. The Japanese lyrics include English-language subtitles.”

In a press release, Avex went on to say that “Koda is often labeled the “Queen of Live” in reference to her amazing concert performances, so this is a great chance to check out this acclaimed song and to see Japan’s pop diva dominating the stage!”

Check out the video below!

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