Minzy shed tears of joy and sadness for her fans

Minzy sheds tears of joy and sadness for her fans.

In a recent live stream Minzy opened up about what she’s been up to lately and her past hardships. The singer first spoke about seeing her former band mate (Dara) in the musical Another Oh Hae Young in her own words Minzy talked about how proud and happy she was for Dara. She also talked about releasing new music and what types of vibes her sound will have stating…

“I’ve been listening to different music like new stuff like Justin Bieber, and hip hop and R&B, and I’ve been listening to Dara’s musical soundtrack too.”

Towards the end of the live she expressed how thankful she was that so many people joined her stream. While thanking fans she started to cry saying.

“Thank you so much,” “I really missed you. Thank you for waiting for me.” To be honest, while I’ve been waiting for a long time, like you’ve all been waiting, I thought that the best way to make it up to all of you would be to quickly give you a good song. While I kept being on hiatus, I spent my time writing lyrics and making music. So I’m finally able to give you all a gift!”

Through her tears she also spoke about her hardships

“Honestly, if I were to say that I didn’t go through a hard time, that would be a lie. While I was waiting, I wrote about all the times I’ve gone through in my lyrics. So the song that I’m going to be giving you is one that I wrote the lyrics for. I think that now although it was a hard time, I gained strength through you, who are like a light to me. I think this song is one that will give courage to you and to me.”

After her live stream ended fans poured out their love and support for her through social media.

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