NCT 127 “Yeehawed” Their Way Into Houstonians Hearts at The Houston Rodeo

Yes! On March 10th NCT 127, showed fans they’re a force to be reckoned all while making history by becoming the first Kpop group to perform at The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo.

Photo: Houston Rodeo

The day started out with fans from all walks of life waiting for their chance to see the boys. When we asked a few NCTzens how they became fans of the group, many mentioned they’ve been following them since debut. They also expressed their excitement to see them perform their latest release “Kick It” for the first time in the USA.

Moving along after the livestock show ended, and the lights went down. A greenlit ocean shined through the stadium. Making the venue look almost majestic (I lowkey had tears in my eyes.) A remixed version of Cherry Bomb blasted throughout the stadium, making fans go crazy. And at that moment, I thought to myself, “history is being made today.”

Photo: Jon Shapley , Houston Chronicle

Photo: Jon Shapley, Houston Chronicle

After starting the show off with a bang, the boys talked to fans and introduced themselves. Some of the most memorable moments were their constant use of the phrase “YeeHaw” at one point. They even got the entire audience to scream it.

The boys also sang many of our favorites like Simon Says, Regular, Highway to Heaven, and many more! Overall, NCT 127 showed that they are a force to be reckoned with in these Kpop streets, and made sure it was a night NCTzens wouldn’t forget.

We’d like to thank the Houston Rodeo and their staff for having us as press. You guys were so lovely and treated us so well! Thank you!


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