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ONEUS gives stadium like performance In Houston on their 2022 US tour ‘BLOOD MOON’

ONEUS has been making waves in the kpop scene since their debut in 2019. The group’s music is two-dimensional, and their dance performances are impeccable. On March 7th, MyMusicTaste gave Houston Tomoons a chance to experience a ONEUS concert for the first time.

The day started with a long line of fans wrapping around an entire neighborhood, waiting for their chance to see ONEUS up close and personal. Soon after, we entered a rustic indie venue filled with posters of the artist who graced the White Oak Music Hall stage before.

As the night went on and every fan finally entered the venue. The show began with ONEUS singing “COME BACK HOME.” The group’s dance moves were impeccable and seriously impressed the crowd as the cheers for them grew louder over time. Without a break, ONEUS swiftly transitioned into the next song, a rock version of “Valkyrie.”

After that explosive performance, the boys took some time to introduce themselves and welcome fans to the show. They later sang fan-favorite songs like BLACK MIRROR, To Be or Not to Be, and No Diggity.


However, their highly anticipated performance was of their breakout hit LUNA. Off their album Blue Moon, LUNA gained 10 million views within the first 48 hours of its release and now sits at an astonishing 24+ million views. In addition, the album (Blue Moon) sold over 130k copies within three days of its release, becoming their highest selling album to date.

The crowd went wild when the intro to Luna began playing, one man in the back screaming “THIS IS MY JAM!” right before the performance began.

With Luna being their most anticipated song, their most important was “Lit.” This stage was an excellent follow-up performance. Again, their dancing and acrobatics made the concert come alive.

Towards the show’s end, ONEUS thanked fans for coming and expressed their hope to return to Houston and perform at a bigger venue. Overall, ONEUS gave one hell of a performance and literally brought the house down with their stadium-like performance.

We want to thank MyMusicTaste and RBW Entertainment for having us as press at ONEUS’s show.


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