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ONEUS Virtually Brought The House Down With LIVENow Concert

ONEUS and LiveNow gave Tomoons a taste of what fans can expect from their upcoming tour this march.


The show started with an Intro telling ONEUS’s origin story.
The screen then switched to the boys dressed in black and white suits. They sang their debut song, “Valkyrie.” The performance was Intricate and smooth, like their dance moves. After the performance, the boys greeted fans and introduced themselves.

ONEUS then performed their 2021 released song “Black Mirror.” The stages tantalizing graphics matched with the boy’s highly impressive dance moves visually brought the song to life. You almost felt like you were there! Next, transitioning into the interactive part of the show. The boys did a segment called “Time Trival,” where they looked back on memories from their per-debut and busking days. While looking back on their memories, ONEUS also answered a few fan (TOMOON) questions.

After this segment, the boys continued the show with performances of “To be or not to be” and “No diggity.” LiveNow also surprised fans with a special interview video of ONEUS sharing their thoughts. We then got a chance to see the boys perform their break-out hit “LUNA.” This was yet another spectacular stage that even had a theatrical feel.


The show ended with ONEUS’s bitting farewell to fans and thanking them for watching. The last performances of the night were “Road to kingdom” and “Bbusyeo.” Overall, LIVENow and ONEUS came together and put on a spectacular show for kpop and ONEUS fans.

If you think you’ve missed out, your in luck! LIVENow is still streaming the playback of the show on their platform!

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