Rapper IRon’s last post on IG talks about anger and taking responsibility for his actions

On Jan 25th, it was made public that the rapper Iron was found dead outside of an apartment complex, bleeding on top of a flower bed. Many reports stated Iron passed from an apparent suicide. However, the police debunked this theory, saying they’re still investigating the situation.

Police statement:

“We were called in by a [apartment] guard who told us they discovered Iron. He was urgently taken to the hospital, but he passed away.” They added, “At this point, it is unclear whether or not Iron died by suicide. We are investigating the exact cause of his death.”

When the news spread around the web, many fans began to post condolences on the rapper’s last and only post on Instagram. His post talked about releasing new music and taking reasonable for his past actions.

Hello, I’m Iron.
How have you been? It’s been a while since I said hello to you.I wanted to give you a better song as soon as possible.
I think it’ll take a little longer, so I’m sending you the news in writing.After releasing the album, “ROCK BOTTOM,” four years ago.
I had time to look back on my life.Painful, unjust, angry, sad.
At the end, I had myself.
There were choices that I made on my own that I had to take responsibility for.The realization that a lot of what I thought was cool was my own clumsy definition.
I’ve had concerns about what kind of mindset to follow in the future, etc.A person like me seems to realize what is right and what is wrong only when I feel and experience it myself.
So, I have always suffered for a long time with a guilty heart to many people who have suffered because of me. I’ve been working on the album on my own for the past time without the help of my company.
It wasn’t easy to proceed as smoothly as I wanted.
We are facing difficulties in releasing the product due to unresolved issues with the previous contracted company.To be honest with you, even if this is resolved,
I still have a lot of homework to solve. Investment, distribution, etc.But I’ll do my best to come out in front of you.I wrote the lyrics by melting all the emotions I’ve had in my life.
It’s a piece of work that’s been made with great care, each sound
I promise you that the time you’ve been waiting for me will never be in vain.
I won’t make excuses from now on.
I’m always sorry and thankful for you guys liking the ugly one.Please stay healthy.
September 9, 2020 Jung Heon-cheol.
A few years ago, Iron was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, using marijuana, and beating a Teenage boy with a bat. He rose to fame before that on the rap survival show Show Me The Money.
On Jan 26th, Iron’s death has officially been ruled a suicide by Seoul Jungbu Police Station.
Seoul Jungbu Police Station’s statement:
“The result of the investigation is that there is no possibility it was a homicide and the cause of death is clear, so we will not be conducting an autopsy.”
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