Rapper Woo Talks about His Past in New Music

우원재 Woo Won Jae or Woo has entered his 2020 with a new single “Used Too”.

Woo, is a Korean rapper, who first gained recognition for his talents after winning third place on “Show Me The Money 6.” “Show Me The Money” is a Korean rap competition show that has spread the popularity of rap and hip-hop culture in Korea.

Although Woo, didn’t win the show, his impressive rapping skills, strong lyrics, and fresh style caught the attention of both judges and fans. After the show, Woo signed with AOMG (a hip-hop label) in 2017 and debuted with the song “We Are” featuring Loco and Gray.

Woo’s lyrics are 100% authentic. His songs are based on what he went through in his own life. His raw emotions are shown without any repression, just like his newest single, “Used Too.”

Released on August 11, “Used Too” is about what Woo had to go through to get to where he is today, the things he sacrificed, and what he’s gained.

All of Woo’s lyrics have a deeper meaning/hidden message behind them. His music is more profound than what is seen on the surface. Like a poem, each word in the song can resonate or mean something else.

Underrated rapper, Woo is only going to go up from here. His passion for music and his dedication is genuinely shown through his character in his songs.

To check out what Woo is up to, follow him on Instagram, @munchinthepool

Watch the music video to “Used Too”, if you haven’t already.

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