[RECAP] ITZY Lights Up Atlanta for Born To Be tour

On June 18th, ITZY brought their Born To Be tour to Atlanta! The concert has been a steady hot topic among K-pop fans, making it one of the most anticipated tours of the year.

Photo Credit: Live Nation (@livenation.kpop) /Fox Theatre in Atlanta

The night began with a bang like no other. A huge LED screen with the words “Born To Be” lit up the venue, and music began to blare. Just as you thought you knew what would happen next, the screen began to lift, revealing none other than the queens of performance themselves.

The opening performance of “Born To Be” established the tone for the night as the girls seamlessly transitioned into the songs “Racer,” “Kidding Me,” and “Mr. Vampire” without a break.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

Some of the highlights of the night were the solos! Chaeryeong opened with her solo song “Mine,” which she described as a personal song that reveals her heart. Her performance highlighted her talent through intricate dance moves paired with slick and sensual vocals.

Ryujin performed her pop rock-inspired song ‘Run Away.’ During the talk portion of the show, she explained that the song is about a significant other who doesn’t want to be the bad guy and break things off first, so she takes the blame and becomes the villain. Her performance highlighted her edgy side, matched with a soft girl aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates Ryujin’s aura.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

Yuna, looked lovely in baby blue as she sang her song “Yet, But,” a light-hearted pop tune about turning someone’s frown upside down. The solo performances were outstanding, with each member shining in their own right. Yeji ended the solo section with a powerful performance that had the entire audience on their feet, screaming their hearts out.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

Another major highlight of the concert was the production and the focus on giving their band and dancers a chance to shine. It was definitely a sight to see that creatives who normally get overlooked had their moment in the sun. It was refreshing.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, Terence Rushin (@photorushin)

Toward the end of the show, the audience played a game that put them directly in the spotlight. The game had the crowd participate in a variety of challenges such as speed dancing, random dance play, and even a scream challenge. The game was a joyous activity that really brought the audience together, as each person cheered for their fellow MIDZY.

Overall, ITZY put on a performance that fans are sure to remember for years to come.

We want to give a special thanks to 42West and JYP Entertainment for inviting us to the ATL show!

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