Selena Gomez Featured on “Ice Cream” D-2 Poster for BlackPink X Selena Gomez Collab

On August 26, YG Entertainment released a new poster for Ice Cream featuring Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez is dressed in candy-striped beach attire. Her hair is flowing in a gusty breeze, and she looks as if she is happily enjoying the moment. The picture itself gives off a heavy upbeat vibe. Like the energy this photo gives off, the anticipated song might be fast-paced, energetic, and something we could dance all night too!

The upcoming song “Ice Cream” is drawing attention from all over the world. BlackPink has previously collaborated with notable artists like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, making this song with Selena Gomez a track that everyone is waiting for.

Selena Gomez is notable in the States for her previous popular songs like “Lose you to Love Me” and “Wolves” that have become global hits. With Selena’s and BlackPink’s strong vocal talent mixed with creative musical expertise, this song will be one like no other.

Counting down to the release day, BLACKPINK is releasing the teaser photos one by one.






YG has stated that this song, “…will be differentiated from the Hip-hop based swag and female warrior-like image BLACKPINK has previously shown through ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘How You Like That’.” This only makes fans more curious about this new collaboration single.

“Ice Cream” will be released on August 28 at 12 AM US Eastern Time which is 1 PM KST.


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