Stray Kids Are Back with their First Repackaged Album “In Life”

On September 14, Stray Kids released the music video for the refreshingly spicy song titled “Back Door”.

In this new song, every member had a new facet and cool side to show about themselves. From the haircuts to their individual lines, everyone showed their intriguing alter egos. As if to say, “we’re not exactly kids anymore,” Stray Kids have started a new chapter for themselves in this new, powerful era.

They are pushing themselves further, allowing room for more creativity and exploration. After the exceptional success of “God’s Menu,” Stray Kids delivered a similar hype feeling with this new song, “Back Door.”

The song starts out with Felix’s, what will be a signature line from the song. He says, “Hey you wanna come in?”, making fans go crazy with excitement. The music video itself is a masterpiece! From the addictive upbeat rhythm to the clean-cut choreography, we could watch the video over and over again and still not get tired of it.

I feel as if this song is meant to bring a sort of thrill and buzz to fans as they listen to the song. This semi hip-hop song pushes the boundaries of KPop music with this new unique alter touch compared to what Stray Kids has done in the past.

As well as this new track, Stray Kids has also released a full repackaged album titled “In Life”. This album includes songs from their previous first studio album “GO LIVE” including new songs that include both slow-paced and electro/pop songs.

Stray Kids definitely outdid themselves in this comeback and I cannot wait to see what more things this talented group can do!

If you haven’t already, check out “Back Door” below!

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